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Cheers to 2011

2011 was a great year for Pinky and the Floyd. Every aspect of the band got bigger and better this year. Bigger venues, bigger sound, bigger crowds, bigger setlists, etc.. Thanks to everyone that came out and experienced our love of the Floyd. 2012 promises to be a HUGE year, with many big shows already […]

Billings (Dec. 2)

Presented by Mojo 92.5: Pinky and the Floyd live at Manny’s, December 2, 2011! Pinky and the Floyd has been packing venues across MT, and is ready to rock Manny’s- Friday, December 2nd! This is a show you won’t wanna miss! Pinky  has a HUGE sound and is an experience not soon forgotten. You can expect […]

Win Tickets to Butte!

Thanks to everyone that competed. It was a fun contest, and we look forward to doing it again… Last week’s Facebook Contest is complete. Congratulations Fred Juarez! He won the contest with 24 likes. Here’s his winning caption: “we don’t need weed to enjoy the beach, just to enhance it…”. See you (+1) at the […]

Butte Theatre Show (Oct. 28)

In the words of the Mother Lode Theatre: “Join us for a rockin’ costume party with a spectacular light show on Friday, October 28th at 7pm (yup, the Friday before Halloween!). Let’s support the next generation of performing artists… and ROCK HARD while we’re at it!” Pinky and the Floyd, live at the Mother Lode […]