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Missoula’s Premier Freak Fest (Oct. 29)

Attention Missoula! You are the lucky recipients of Missoula’s Premier Freak Fest (the biggest party of Halloween Weekend 2011). It goes down Saturday, October 29 at the Top Hat in Missoula. Music 10pm-2am as usual, and there will be a Judged Costume Contest at midnight with really rad prizes! Maybe a shirt, maybe drink tickets, maybe […]

The Bands of Pinky

All Pinky members are working professional musicians, assembled from genres across the board, culling their expertise to produce what has clearly proven a successful musical venture. All told, there are close to 25 bands that the members of Pinky and the Floyd are part of, spanning genres from Americana & Vintage Swing to Hip Hop, Jazz, […]

Spruce Moose Labor Day

Thanks to everyone that came out for this rocking event! We had a blast both nights. Whiskey Jacks was packed and ROWDY, and opening for John Butler was a treat. Good to see everyone rallying… can’t wait to do it again soon! And special thanks to all the Spruce Moose crew for putting on a […]

Pinky Invades Missoula

Thanks to everyone involved in 2 killer Missoula shows!! Mad props to Jason and the crew at the Bitter Root Brewery in Hamilton. We had a great time despite being 2 hours late due to van trouble. And the hospitality was tremendous. Great people, great beer! And the Top Hat in Missoula was off the […]