Pinky and the Floyd calls Montana home, but has recently been called the Northwest’s Hottest Pink Floyd Tribute Band! The band has also been called “Montana’s Most Electrifying Live Experience.

Since it’s inception in 2008, Pinky has exploded in popularity, selling out nearly every show in the past 5 years. Their performances strike the perfect balance between intimacy & intensity, and the energy and stage presence is unprecedented.

All Pinky members are professional working musicians, assembled from genres across the board, culling their expertise to produce what has clearly proven to be a successful musical venture. All told, there are over 20 bands that the members of Pinky and the Floyd are part of, spanning genres from Americana & Vintage Swing to Hip Hop, Jazz, Country, Salsa, Funk, Rock, Blues and on and on… They see their varied backgrounds as strength in diversity, knowing that each member “…unconsciously affects the overall sound. As players, musicians & artists, whatever you’ve got comes with you…” And between the 10 of them, they have a lot!

Pinky and the Floyd has a big sound and is an experience not soon forgotten. You can expect albums in their entirety, and a little something from every Floyd genre- from Syd Barrett to Division Bell, and everything in between! Tell your friends, and time your buzz! It’s a party!

The band performs over 80 songs, and 7 full albums worth of Floyd music. SEE THE LIST NOW


Luke Flansburg – Guitar / Vocals:

Luke was one of the founding members of Pinky in 2007. He says he’s tickled pink getting to emulate one of his guitar heroes [David Gilmour], while recreating his most beloved album of all time, Darkside of the Moon. As co-owner of Jereco Studios and Peach Street Studios, Luke’s life revolves around the Bozeman music scene, as either a performer or a sound engineer. You can currently catch Luke performing with M.O.T.H., Tsunami Funk, or as a solo act. When not on stage or behind a sound board, he enjoys selling and renting musical gear at Music Villa.

Favorite Pinky song: “Time”

Dustin Tucker – Guitar / Vocals:

Also a founding member, Dustin is the son of the late Bozeman icon Tex Tucker, and has committed to the same love of music that made his father so inspirational. His vocals are soaked in passion and it’s apparent that he’s carrying the torch. He was once told he had his eyes closed for 45 minutes straight on stage. You can find Dustin performing with his original bands, Golden Grenade & Echodrive, or hanging around Music Villa where he does Graphic Design, Social Media, and Marketing… which he conveniently does for Pinky too.

Favorite Pinky song: “Welcome to the Machine”


John Sanders – Bass:

The newest member of Pinky, John brings years of experience (and friendship) to the band. His first ever band was formed in 1998 with Dustin, and was called, “Revery.” Since then, John has performed on countless credible albums from deep delta blues, to hip-hop, to hard-hitting rock. You also might have seen John on a couple of the newer episodes of PBS Montana’s 11th & Grant including “Bad Betty Organ Combo,” and “Angella Ahn & Friends.” He’s an incredible bass player with one of the deepest grooves you’ll hear in Montana.

Favorite Pinky song: “Shine”

Joe Kirchner – Keyboards:

Joe is in charge of the synthesizer, piano, and “keytar” realm. Way back in 1988 he saw a keytar being rocked in a music video and decided it was the instrument for him. Joe began studying classical piano at 7 thanks to some stern guidance from his mother, who is also responsible for gifting him the legendary pink beehive wig. A die hard Pink Floyd fan since he was 13, the enthusiasm you see in Joe’s performances is always genuine, stating: “I always try to put myself in the shoes of the listener.” Other musical endeavours include The Knowshows, M.O.T.H., Nordberg, and Fluorescent Brown. Joe also manages an all-terrain rental company and is a PASSIONATE certified mechanic… he also enjoys long walks on the beach and playing love songs on his keytar.

Favorite Pinky song: “Pigs”

Band_TylerTyler Schultz – Organ:

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Tyler is the youngest member of Pinky, providing organ and supplemental keyboards. He made his debut with the band at the massive Music on Main concert in June of 2014, and couldn’t have imagined a better show to get him in the door. As a self-taught musician, Tyler first began playing drums in many high school bands, even including a Pink Floyd cover band, so he feels right at home with Pinky. After a few years playing percussion, he couldn’t help but play any instrument he could get his hands on, and since his move to Bozeman, MT, he has been able to take advantage of the incredible music scene and play out all that he can. Tyler has been seen in a variety of projects, playing anything from a fiddle in a fast-pickin’ bluegrass band, to piano in a jazz quartet, and there is no stopping him. Pink Floyd has been a huge influence in Tyler’s music and he feels like a ‘kid in a candy store’ to be able to play their music once again, but now with Bozeman’s finest.

Favorite Pinky Song: “Comfortably Numb”

Jake Fleming – Sax / Guitar / Vocals:

Jake is a songwriter, performer & teacher, a graduate of MSU, and Co-founder of Hand Me Down Some Silver, Inc. (501c3). He is committed to the education of young musicians, and believes that preserving the legacy of art in any community starts and ends with the younger generation. As a saxophonist and guitarist Jake performs with several bands including JENI FLEMING where he has performed at some of the country’s top music festivals. With friend and colleague Chris Cundy, Jake created The Shed, where in addition to teaching and rehearsing bands, he has engineered a handful of critically acclaimed recording projects.

Favorite Pinky song: “On The Turning Away”

Drew Fleming – Drums:

It all started in the basement on his Dad’s old Ludwig kit and the Beatles on vinyl… Drew has been playing the drums for over 25 years, 15 of those have been spent gigging and recording with acts both locally and nationally. Drew’s approch to drumming is to “lay out the red carpet” to allow the other musicians to be totally comfortable, “it’s all about the groove”. Normally found behind the drum-set, Drew was excited to take on percussion and over 40 samples in Pinky. Drew also plays with Eightrack Mind, The Doors Legacy Band, 231 East Quartet, Milton Menasco, and Jason Lytle. (of Grandaddy), and more.

Favorite Pinky song: “Wish You Were Here”

Jeni Fleming – Vocals:

Jeni is fast becoming one of the west’s most sought-after musicians. 7 albums in her discography, Jeni and her 5-piece jazz combo currently tour the US and Canada in support of their most recent album, Come To Life. Performing in concert series, clubs and music festivals, she recently played JazzFest Int’l (Victoria, BC) opening for famed pianist Dave Brubeck. Jeni appears as a guest vocalist with various Big Bands and house rhythm sections, and in promotion of her 2006 album, as a guest soloist with symphony orchestras across the country. When she’s not performing with Pinky or her own band, Jeni also plays in The TINY Band, The Dave Walker Band and Lester Rocks.

Favorite Pinky song: “Have a Cigar”

Krista Barnett – Vocals:

In May of 1994, a lasting impression was made on Krista and her husband, Joe Barnett, when they saw the Division Bell tour in Cleveland, Ohio. She was driven to pursue a voice degree at Indiana University where she started a funk/rock band called Guest House. Since moving to Montana in 2004, Krista has stretched her vocal chords with many bands including The Tiny Band, The String Jumpers, Lester Rocks, and The Krista Barnett Trio. Krista had her Pinky debut at the Filler in Bozeman on New Year’s Eve of 2009 and has enjoyed singing in the band and watching it’s evolution since. In addition to her musical ventures, Krista is also the Upper Elementary teacher at Middle Creek Montessori School and enjoys spending time with her three year old daughter, Rumi Moon.

Favorite Pinky song: “Not Now John”