Pinky and the Floyd presents “When the Tigers Broke Free – A Farewell to Krista & Jeni,” live at The Rialto in Bozeman, Friday, October 25th & Saturday, October 26th.


Available Wednesday, Sept. 25 @ 10am. Details:


“When the Tigers Broke Free” – A Farewell to Krista & Jeni

Pinky’s beloved and talented backup vocalists, Krista and Jeni, have decided to step aside from the band to focus on work, families, and other musical projects. They’ve been an integral part of the band’s performances and are like family to them. Being a “backup singer” in a tribute band doesn’t necessarily seem like a big deal, but if you’ve seen Pinky, you know that what these ladies do on stage is far more than “back up.”

As always, these shows will celebrate the music of Floyd, while also celebrating the amazing vocals of Krista & Jeni. With 2 nights and 2 different shows, Pinky will cover two entire albums, “Meddle” and “Dark Side of the Moon,” in addition to other popular selections that allow the girls to shine!