Love, Love, LOVE this group. Always friendly, personable… consummate professionalism, and uber-loaded with talent, top-to-bottom. A whole damn “gaggle” of some of my favorite “peeps”. Don’t EVER stop rocking… even when you’re not rolling!
Jim Sinclair

Booking Agent

I could name some of the great moments of the night like “wish you were here”, and “Great gig”, but really from the very first number to the full Dark Side, each and every rif was thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you for another fantabulous show!
Denise Stenzel

Via Facebook

You will be pleasantly surprised and thoroughly impressed by the new girls!!! To those that have to wait… if they are nearby, Go See Them!

Lisa Durosky

Via Facebook

Absolutely amazing show. Great music, light show and so talented. Loved it. I recommend them to everyone I meet as we travel as a Montana treasure. Thanks for your efforts and keep on performing!!

Curtis Tolsma

Via Facebook

Thought your show at the Ellen couldn’t be beat but wow, listening to you outdoors surrounded by mountains (and fabulous food vendors!) on a warm fall evening with a huge fun friendly crowd – self care bucket filler!!

Vivienne Riseley

Via Facebook

Absolutely, positively, over-the-top, beyond imagination, outrageously incredible performance by PINKY and THE FLOYD!!! Yeah, it was THAT good!

Kris Vandersloot

Via Facebook

It was breathtaking performance of my favorite Pink Floyd song. Brought tears to my eyes. So glad that we were there for two amazing nights of music!

Manette Grant

Via Facebook

Love you all. You were my daughter’s FIRST music EXPERIENCE… what made her desire the “BIG SHOWS”. Thank you for touching, vibing, and rocking our community. You are a part of our pulse!

Laura Schaap

The Bozone

Hats off to PINKY and THE FLOYD! [They just tore the roof off the Emerson, some excellent sound production, a wild aerialist, not to mention the [50-voice choir]… Amazing show!

Cure For The Common

Montana Bands

You guys totally killed it. [And hearing my favorite tune], ‘On the Turning Away’ with that choir, easily in the top 3 musical experiences of my life. Thank you guys.

Peter Simon

Via Facebook

Wow, your music is just as great as the original dudes.
John Zavalney

Via Facebook

Veterans of Pink Floyd concerts were almost in awe with the sold-out performance. Pinky and the Floyd produces a wall of sound with all the bricks intact.

Pat Hill

The Bozone

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