Thanks to everyone that competed. It was a fun contest, and we look forward to doing it again… Last week’s Facebook Contest is complete. Congratulations Fred Juarez! He won the contest with 24 likes. Here’s his winning caption: “we don’t need weed to enjoy the beach, just to enhance it…”. See you (+1) at the show! Click on the image to see all the witty captions.


But fear not, there’s a brand new Caption Contest this week. Click the image to be redirected to Facebook to enter your caption. Good Luck!

AND the Caption Contest #2 winner is Megan Collins with 35 likes for her comment: “Look Mummy, an airplane!! And check out our killer jump suits maaaan!” Thanks to everyone who participated and we’ll see you at the show!

Facebook Caption Contest Rules: Write a witty caption for this photo (on Facebook); if your caption (comment) gets the most likes, you win 2 tickets to the 10/28 show at the Mother Lode Theatre in Butte! hint: (you might wanna share the photo on your wall, and get your friends to like your comment). Have fun & be creative! This is a $40 value. Voting ends this Friday at noon.